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Golden Valley Auto Body | Auto Body Repair & Collision Service in Yuba City, CA
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Auto Body & Collision Repair Services for Yuba City, CA

We provide frame work, body work and painting services and we do them right!

Golden Valley Auto Body in Yuba City, CA
Golden Valley Auto Body in Yuba City, CA
Golden Valley Auto Body in Yuba City, CA

During a collision, vehicles are engineered to crush in a way that minimizes injury to their occupants. When energy-absorbing structural components (the frame) have done their job, the straightening or replacement of these components becomes necessary. Our years of experience tell us when to repair and when to replace a component. It's hard to find companies that will do frame work - and even harder to find companies that will do it right. Using sophisticated laser technology, we precisely realign or replace a frame's components and effectively undo any damage done to them.

Golden Valley Auto Body in Yuba City, CA

Our bodywork services are second to none. Some of the things we might do during the repair of a damaged vehicle is remove dents by "hand-hammering" or specialized plastics to fill dents that cannot be worked out of the metal, replace window glass and windshields, remove and re-install body parts, and weld and then fill breaks in body metal. Badly damaged areas may be removed and replaced with newly fitted panels that are made to exactly match the body. We also repair fiberglass body parts.

Golden Valley Auto Body in Yuba City, CA

Not even the best auto body repairs will look good without top-notch painting and finishing. Our paint work is the best in the business because we hire only the best painters to make your vehicle look like new. Our painting and finishing department will restore your car's appearance to its pre-accident condition. We'll take the time to ensure that your car's paint job looks as good as possible by extensive preparation work. Then we'll match existing paint color and finish using only the best paint in the industry.

At Golden Valley Auto Body, you can be sure that our repair work will be "Done Right / Done On Time"